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5 Tips To Make Grocery Shopping Easier On A Clean Food Diet

The foods you eat and buy on a clean diet are very different from what you’ve probably been eating so far. So many of us are used to pantries, fridges and freezers jammed full of processed convenience foods and since those are off the menu, grocery shopping will become a very different experience. Here are a few tips to help make grocery shopping easier when you switch to a clean food diet.

Shop Local Or Grow Your Own Produce

When you eat clean a big part of your diet will be made up of produce. The best way to get fruits and vegetables is to grow them yourself. You can go all out and plant a garden, or start small with a few herbs and a perpetual salad bowl on your counter. Nothing beats “grocery shopping” in your own back yard. Of course this will all depend on where you live. If you live in the country or a small, town planting a garden should be fairly easy to do. If, however, you live in the city it will be more challenging. There are options, however, such as container gardening.

The next best thing is to find local grown produce. Visit your local farmer’s market. Get to know the farmers in your area, or see if there’s someone in your neighborhood that gardens and is willing to barter or trade for fruits and vegetables. When you are able to find free or inexpensive produce locally, consider canning or freezing what you can’t use right away for later in the year.

Getting most of your produce this way will make it even quicker and easier when you head to the grocery store.

Shop The Perimeter Of The Grocery Store

Much of what’s found in the center isles of your local grocer is “food” you’ll no longer be buying or eating. Shop mainly around the perimeter of the grocery store, sticking to produce, meat, dairy and the frozen department (for fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season).

Stay out of the center isles to avoid temptation as much as possible. Grab the few items you need there and head to the cash register. Don’t even look at the candy in the check out line.

Go In With A Plan

It helps to go shopping with a list. It will keep you focused and you’ll make sure you won’t forget anything, particularly when you’re cooking new recipes. It also helps keep you from cheating since you can’t really buy what’s not on the list – unless it’s toilet paper, and then by all means buy some even if it isn’t on the list.

Don’t Go Hungry

Another helpful tip that works much better than you may suspect is to never go to the store hungry. I’m sure you’ve heard this one, but do you stick to it? It’s much easier to say no to frozen pizza or that box of doughnuts when you’ve just had a yummy veggie wrap. Go shopping after a meal or at least have a substantial snack before you head to the store. It will do wonders for your willpower.


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