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Get your life back

Christ-Centered Health and Life Coaching designed to heal your body, gut and spirit.

You invite God into every aspect of your life,

why not in healing your body?

Experiencing chronic illness comes with so many difficulties,

there's more to it than just not feeling well.

Are you experiencing some of these?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. You know something is not right but you feel a sense of shame or guilt because the doctors and your friends and family may not believe you because, to the outward eye, you look healthy and your lab tests are “normal”.

  • Mourning the loss of your old self – the person you used to be no longer exists. You may feel as if your life is spinning out of control.

  • Your body doesn’t feel like yours anymore

  • Feeling like a failure for not being productive enough at work or at home. You may even feel stigmatized at work because your productivity is not what it used to be and some co-workers may feel you are shirking your duties.

  • Wondering where your life got lost in a maze of doctors’ appointments and medical tests. You may be discouraged because you’ve tried seemingly every cure or treatment with no lasting results.

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all of the time.

  • Worst of all, feeling SO ALONE because no one understands you and what you are going through!


If one or more of these resonated with you,

I want to tell you something..                                                

       I HEAR YOU! and I GET YOU! and it doesn't have to be this way.

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I'm Susan.

My clients relieve the pressure of living with a chronic illness by discovering how to naturally heal their symptoms and manage their illness. Sometimes making changes when you’re already so run down can feel like a lot and I get that.


My approach takes your mindset and abilities into account as well as putting emphasis on taking baby steps so you can find relief without feeling overwhelmed.

As a result, my clients are able to get back to feeling like a normal human being again with a renewed passion for life.

Let's get started,

Christian Health and Life Coach


Help is here.  Let the healing begin.

Here's what we will work on, together.

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Get your energy back, so you can enjoy the things you love.
Ditch the brain fog. Support your memory, clarity and get your pep back.
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Return your body to the healthy weight that it needs.
Make healthier food choices based on what your body needs to heal and function.
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Why it's so important to bring God into the equation for your healing...

Like all things our faith is a powerful agent for trust, guidance and understanding. In our work together, we'll bring God into your healing and ask him to lead both of us.
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Ready to take a fresh new lease on life?

Grab your FREE guide & experience:

  • How to avoid foods that are wreaking havoc on your body and causing unwanted symptoms!

  • How to eat clean so you can feel incredible and enjoy food that is not only good for you but also tastes delicious & so much more!

Healthy Breakfast

What People Are Saying..

Say goodbye to feeling exhausted all the time, this program will help you find healing for good.

Mindy, CA

Book your 30-minute "Complimentary JumpStart Session".

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